Functions and Mandates - Aquaculture Research Sub-Institute For North Central (ARSINC)

1. Functions

Research, application and technology transfer of seed production and aquaculture in North central provinces. 

2. Mandates

- Making long-term and annual plan for scientific research and development of aquaculture technology ; implementation of  the plan which are approved by  director of Research Institute for Aquaculture No.1 (RIA1).
- Research on resources, biodiversity and the aquaculture area of North Central provinces; proposed development direction and management solution for aquaculture in compliance with sector and provincial policies.  
- Research, survey and assessment of aquatic disease situation and the impact of environment on aquaculture; proposed solutions for disease control and environment monitoring that ensure sustainable development of aquaculture; administration of disease and environmental warning stations.
- Implementation of applied research, testing of seed, feed, breeding and aquaculture techniques, application of suitable aquaculture technologies for cultured species. 
- Research on applied technology of inland fisheries, post harvest technology; research on socio-economic issues of fisheries in North Central Provinces.
- Implementation of some basic research in the fields of nutrition, physiology, biochemistry and reproduction of aquaculture species that are specific to the region assigned by Ria1’s director. 
- Implementation of extension activities; technical consultancy, building aquaculture projects and planning for the local provinces.
- Development and implementation of international projects, collaborative projects with local provinces for development of aquaculture.
- Implementation of information-science – technology activities for research and project management; management of scientific document and technology of Aquaculture Research Sub-institute for North Central. 
- Management, labor use, property, and the financial of ARSINC and other units belonged to ARSINC by law.
- Performance of other duties assigned by Ria1 director. 

3. Organization

- Director board: 01 Director and 02 Vice directors
- Departments:
+  Department of general administration 
+  Department of aquatic seed production technology (including Cua Hoi hatchery).
+  Department of aquaculture technology (including Cau Bung brackish water station).
+  Department of Monitoring and warning of aquatic environment and diseases.

4. Staffs