Functions and Mandates - Department of Genetics

1. Functions

Doing scientific researches about genetic, selection in order to produce aquaculture species with abundance, high adaptability with different ecology systems which contributes to develop aquaculture products following market targets.

2. Mandates

- Collect, domesticate and import potentially cultured species, hybrid, selective breeding highly economic value species in order to create new strains to meet the demand of production.
- Carry out experiments for testing of new species  
- Other field of knowledge is doing basic researches in genetic, including population genetics, molecular genetics. 
- Research and apply biotechnology, genetic in the field of selective and productive seed production.
- Apply researched results into trial, transfer modern production process, conduct extension services, response for human resource development of institute and sector and participate in building the standard level for aquaculture sector.
- Administrate employee, property and finance following the orders of institute and the laws of government
- Undertake targets of institute director.

3. Staffs