Functions and Mandates - Northern National Broodstock Center for Mariculture(CATBANBC)

1. Functions

The National Broodstock Center for Mariculture Species in Northern Vietnam (hereby referred to the Center) is a professional unit under the Research Institute for Aquaculture No.1. Its establishment is based on the combination of Marine Research Station and Brackish water Research Station. The Center bears its responsibilities for development of breeding and growout techniques for mariculture species, preservation of marine broodstocks and provision of broodstocks for fishery hatcheries, hybridization, experiment of seed and other products used in aquaculture in Northern provinces and other areas.      
The Center has its own stamp, bank accounts at the State Treasury and the State Bank. 
Name in English: National Broodstock Center for Mariculture Species in Northern Vietnam (NACMAN).
Headquarters: Xuan Dan commune, Cat Hai Island Dist., Haiphong, Vietnam  

2. Mandates

- To study on technical development for breeding and growout culture of brackish water and marine species.
- To be responsible for management, preservation of marine broodstocks and production of pure broodstocks supplying to national and local hatcheries in northern area.
- To work on genetic improvement of marine and brackish water species in order to create new strains with better traits for aquaculture.
- To study on epidemic diseases and prevention for cultured species; impact of aquaculture and proposal of effective measures for sustainable aquaculture. 
- To carry out environmental monitoring and preventive measures for epidemic disease assigned by RIA1.
- To implement technical transfer and receipts of progressive techniques from organizations in Vietnam as well as other international agencies; to provide technical advice for seed production and development of growout facilities. To take part in technical training for local technicians and fishery officials of Northern provinces.
- To carry out cooperation with other research institutes and national fishery centers for accessing to new technologies, exchange of information and genetic materials with other countries assigned by the Ministry and Vietnamese Laws.
- To experiment on introduced and new strains/species and products for aquaculture.
- To take advantages of the Center’s facilities, techniques and labours to produce seedlings in order to increase budget for the Center. 
- To carry out management of facilities, budgets and labours of the Center under the laws.

3. Organization

The Center has 01 director, 1-2 Vice Directors. The Director is assigned by the Minister of Fisheries Ministry based on the proposal of the Director of RIA1, Vice Directors is assigned by the Director of RIA1 based on the proposal of Director of the Center.   
The organization consists of:
- Administrative office.
- Crustaceans and mollusks Division.
- Fish Division.
- Division of environmental monitoring and epidemic prevention.
- Brackish water aquaculture research Station.
Besides the personnel and budget provided by RIA1, the Center can employ contracted labours. Salaries and other rights of the labours shall be paid under the Labour Laws.