Functions and Mandates - Research administration- International Cooperation and Education

1. Functions

Department of Information, International Cooperation and Education (IICE) has functions of advisory and consultation the Institute director to manage the activities of information, international cooperation and education of the Institute; and responsibility to manage these activities on behalf of the institute director.

2. Mandates

2.1. Information administration

- To make plans and advice the institute director to develop the institute information system to meet its development demands;
- Manage and run the institute information system infrastructure smoothly that include server, email, website, library, electronic library to support research and management purposes;
- Edit, publish the institute newsletter and the institute introduction; promote the institute research results and products on its website; issue scientific technology publication; fisheries extension, video tapes, advice and support scientists to publish their research papers.
- Cooperate with administration office to manage and update CV of the institute staffs;
- Collect, store, maintain, manage, analyze and provide fisheries information and related fields;
- Manage and use efficiently ended and on-going projects documents.

2.2. International cooperation management 

- To make plans and advice the institute director international cooperation strategies and plans;
- Create links between Vietnam organizations and international organizations to develop research programs, conferences;
- Cooperate with organizations belong to the institute to supervise, coordinate and organize the international cooperation activities;
- Cooperate with Finance and Accounting Department to manage the international consultancy contracts of the institute staffs.

2.3. Education and training management 

- Cooperate in education with other universities;
- Manage and support Vietnam and international students working on their researches at the institute;
- Manage, organize and implement Vietnam and international training courses at the institute;
- Manage, organize and implement short and long term education and training for the institute staffs from different funding scholarship of the Vietnamese government and international organizations.

2.4. Implement others mandates given by the institute director

3. Organizational structure

IICE has 1 head and maximum 2 vice head. IICE has three units:
- Information administration
- International cooperation management
- Education and training management
Functions and mandates of the units are detail stated above.

(The information came from decision No 108/QĐ-VTS I, signed by the leader of the Research Institute for Aquaculture No1, dated 11 April 2012)

4. Staffs