Functions and Mandates - Organization and Administration Office

1. Functions

Provide assistance to the Directorate in administration of RIA1' s all activities.

2. Mandates

- Assist RIA 1 leaders in supervising and reporting the progress of implementation ofinstitute missions outlined in the final report.
- Formulate, edit, print, publish and archive RIA 1's documents.
- Receive, appoint to implem nt and store documents from higher authorities and otherbranches.
- Assist in setting up organization structure, arranging, promoting and managing as well as implementing regime for RIA 1 staff.
- Implementation of the management of security and order, protection of internal, construction of the militia forces, local military, maintain regular relationships with all levels, local government, fulfill the obligations of state regulations on construction safety units, cultural.
- Perform the work management: Receptions, ceremonies, conferences, seminars, activities for internal and external, management and operation of the team cars of RIA1.
- Together with Planning and Finance examination, assessment, management and use of property, land, homes under the provisions of the State.
- Standing Council of emulation and commendation and discipline of the agency.
- Management, efficient use of labor, assets assigned by Director.

3. Staffs