Functions and Mandates - Research Center of Aquatic Biodiversity and Resources

1. Functions

Study on status assessment, conservation, exploitation and sustainable development plans of aquatic resources in the inland waters in northern Vietnam.

2. Mandates

- Build and propose programs, projects and solutions in the fields of conservation, exploitation and development of aquatic inland resources;
- Study on the variation of species compositions, biodiversity levels and natural aquatic resources assessment in water bodies;
- Study on the biological characteristics of economic valuable and endangered aquatic species;
- Invasive species impact assessment to aquatic fauna and flora of Vietnam.
- Scientific backgrounds study for establishing aquatic biodiversity conservation zones
- Organise  training courses on law, managements, exploitation and protection of aquatic resources.
- Preserve, store and supplement the specimens for the fish collection room.
- Implement research contracts with local authorities, international organizations in the fields of investigation, study on aquatic resources recovering and enhancement, and the extra- tasks of RIA1.
- Manage the usage of personnel, properties and finance which are given by the Director.

3. Staffs