Functions and Mandates -Research Center for Coldwater Aquaculture(RCCA)

1. Functions

To make use of the cold water resource of the area to develop cold water fish species in order to take part in increasing aquaculture production, shifting cultivation and changing economic structure to improve living standard for ethics communities in highland provinces.

2. Mandates

- To create and maintain broodstock for breeding rainbow trout fingerling and other cold-water species for aquaculture development of local farmers.
- To test and evaluate success of cold-water aquaculture in ecological conditions in cold regions in Viet Nam.
- To control seed and fingerling quality. To participate in The National Aquaculture Seed Production Network and Environment and Disease warning system.
- To implement extension activities that include training, education, consultancy, to assist the farmer and companies who are interested in commercial cold-water fish aquaculture.
- To provide services on aquaculture products and others related products.
- To participate or implement international projects with the goals of breeding quality improvement, research capacity building, extension.