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Service/Product name: SSNS Training Course 2: Biosecurity in modern, large-volume marine fish farming

Service/Product type: Training course

Service/Product provided by: Research Administration, International Cooperation and Education Department

Detail description


Disease outbreaks in marine fish have become increasingly serious for sustainable aquaculture development. Some dangerous diseases have been causing great damage to farms at different production scales and can kill up to 100% of fish farming if not treated promptly. Scientists are constantly studying to find out the cause of disease, to control disease on marine fish. Biosecurity in marine fish farms is a new concept, often referring to management measures to protect the fish from the pathogens, while minimizing the spread and impacts to farming species. In marine fish farming, biosafety is related to measures to reduce the impact and spread of pathogens.

Learning outcome

  1. Clearly understand major diseases in marine fish species;
  2. Know how to recognize the major diseases in marine finfish at farm level;
  3. Know about the causes of diseases as well as the ways of prevention and treatment.

Lectures – 24 hours (8+8+8) – Classroom

  1. Some major diseases in marine finfish and disease diagnosis;
  2. Causes of diseases in marine aquaculture;
  3. Measures for disease prevention and treatment methods.

Practical – 16 hours (8+8) – Lab

-         Preparation for lab works (chemicals, samples,...);

-         Fish disease sample collection/Preservation/identification;

-         Fieldtrip to marine farms: handling and moving diseased or dead fish.

Final report including business plan: by each participant – max. 3 pages

Presentation of results by the group of students/participants (Seminar Room)

-         Techniques and lessons learned;

-         Wrap-up by Instructor (1 hour).

Feedback and evaluation by students/ participants

Resource person: Dr. Dang Thi Lua.