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Service/Product name: Orange-spoted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) aquaculture training course

Service/Product type: Training course

Service/Product provided by: Research Administration, International Cooperation and Education Department

Detail description

Course objectives

to provide principle knowledge and hands-on techniques of marine finfish hatchery and grow-out operation, with an emphasis on orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides)

Course schedule

Duration: Three weeks during April—July

Number of participants: 10-20


-  Classroom lectures: 5 days (combining practices)

-  Hands-on techniques of seed production: 10 days

-  Cage operation techniques: 2 days

-  Field-trips: 3 days

-  Final evaluation test: 1 day

Expected outcome

- Understand fundamental knowledge behind practical techniques used

- Gained necessary hands-on experience for operation of marine finfish hatchery and grow-out

Course Evaluation

- Presentation of self-selected topics experienced during the course

- Personal evaluation of the course

Course fee

Cost: 5,000 - 6,000 USD/participant/course depending on the number of participants and days. Cost covers local travel, hotel, and food. Cost does not cover international flight, per diem.

Course contents

Section 1

Module 1. Seed production

- Status of marine finfish hatchery and growth-out in Vietnam

- Biology of grouper (Epinephelus sp.)

- Mass production of live feed and enrichment: micro algae, rotifer and Artemia

- Site selection and  hatchery design

- Broodstock management and induced spawning

- Embryonic, larval morphological and behavioral development of cobia

- Egg quality evaluation (floating rate, fertilization rate, hatching rate, etc.)

- Disease prevention and treatment in hatchery

Module 2. Grow-out techniques

- Site selection, cage design and set-up

- Nutrition requirement of grouper

- Cage operation and management

- Fish health management and environmental monitoring

Section 2: Hand-on practices

Module 1. Seed production

- Selection of broodstock for spawning

- Hormone stimulation and spawning

- Egg harvesting, evaluation of egg quality, disinfection and incubation

- Live feed production and enrichment for nursing grouper larvae

- Follow larval morphological and behavioral development

- Larval rearing: live-feed feeding stage

- Evaluation survival rate at different stages

Module 2. Grow-out techniques

- Feeding practice

- Growth measurement

- Net changing and cleaning operation

- Fish health and environmental monitoring

Section 3: Field trip and study tour

- RIA-1 Headquarter in Bac Ninh       

- National Broodstock Center for Marine Species, Cat Ba, Hai Phong

- Brackish Aquaculture Center, Quy Kim, Hai Phong.

- Sight-seeing in Hanoi


Research Institute for Aquaculture No.1
Dinh Bang, Tu Son, Bac Ninh, Vietnam
Phone: +84-38273-072/ +84-38780-938 
Fax: +84-438-271-368