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Service/Product name: SSNS Training Course 4: Market(ing) structures in SE Asian marine fish farming

Service/Product type: Training course

Service/Product provided by: Research Administration, International Cooperation and Education Department

Detail description

SSNS Training Course 4:

Market(ing) structures in SE Asian marine fish farming


Marketing plays an important role to promote production of any commodity. The production of perishable food products like vegetables, fruits, meat, fish… almost entirely depends on an efficient marketing system. Marine fishes contribute a very momentous role in the fisheries sector. The contribution of marine fisheries to the economy is significant through its huge employment generation, foreign exchange earnings and meeting the food security needs. In addition, it plays a major role in ensuring the food security of the nation through supply of cheap and affordable fish protein to a large majority of the population. The aim of this course will provide participants with characteristics and challenges of SE farmed marine fish market and introduce standards and certifications for responsible and productive aquaculture business.

Learning outcome

  1. Clearly understand the characteristics in the (SE) Asian seafood (fish) markets.
  2. Know about the marketing strategies for and challenges of marines fish
  3. Know about the GAP’s standards and certifications conductive for productive aquaculture business  

Lectures – 4 hours – Classroom

  1. Characteristics in the (SE) Asian seafood (fish) markets
  2. Live fish segment
  3. Facts about live fish market in SE Asia
  4. Assumptions about live fish market.
  5. Marketing strategy for farmed marine fish
  6. Market challenges of farmed tropical marine fish
  7. GAP’s (standards) and certifications conductive for developing responsible and productive aquaculture business

          Final report including business plan: by each participant – max. 1 pages

Presentation of results by the group of students (Seminar Room)

-         Techniques and lessons learned

-         Wrap-up by Instructor (1 hour)

Feedback and evaluation by students / participants

Resource person: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thi Van