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Service/Product name: Live feed production for marine hatcheries training course

Service/Product type: Training course

Service/Product provided by: Research Administration, International Cooperation and Education Department

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Live feed production for marine hatcheries training course

Course objectives

To provide the fundamental knowledge and essential hands-on techniques of live feed production and enrichment for marine larvae (finfish and shellfish)

Course schedule

Duration: Three weeks during April—September

Number of participants: 10-20


- Class room lectures: 2 days

- Techniques for counting & related lab activities: 3 days

- Practices of fundamental lab techniques: 2-3 days

- Hands-on techniques for live-feed biomass/ production in a marine hatchery: 1 week

- Fieldtrip: 2-3 days

- Final test: 1 day

Expected outcome

- Master live feed production in a marine hatchery

- Organize, implement and use live feed for marine hatchery including maintenance, up-scaling, mass production and enrichment for marine larvae

Course Evaluation

- Direct technical supervision during the training

- Final evaluation test

Course fee

Cost: 5,000 - 6,000 USD/participant/course depending on the number of participants and days. Cost covers local travel, hotel, and food. Cost does not cover international flight, per diem.
(The fee can be changed depending on each requirement)

Course contents

Module 1. Introduction of live feed and their roles for marine larvae

- Marine larvae in aquaculture

- Nutritional requirement of marine larvae

- Nutritional value of live feed

Module 2. Production of marine algae

- Main culture species/ nutritional value and use

- The growth of algae and factors affecting biomass/ quality

- Facilities/ apparatus for algae production

- Techniques on stocking maintenance, up-scaling and mass production in tanks, in plastic bags and in photobio-reactor

- Protocol for different culture methods

- Density inspection and environment monitoring

Module 3. Intensive production of rotifers

- Introduction and use of rotifers in marine hatchery

- Factors affecting growth, quality and biomass of rotifers

- Techniques in maintenance of stocking cultures, up-scaling and different mass productions in tanks,

- Feed and feeding management strategies and environment monitoring

- Technique for enrichment, harvest, usage and storage

Module 4. Artemia production and enrichment

- Introduction/ biology and use of Artemia in marine hatchery

- Nutritional value and production of Artemia cysts

- Techniques for nauplius production: incubation, decapsulation, enrichment, harvest, storage and usage.

- Production and use of Artemia

Module 5. Extensive production of natural zooplankton in brackish water ponds

- Pond preparation and fertilization,

- Density monitoring and evaluation,

- Harvest, use of zooplankton and storage


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