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Service/Product name: Aquatic animal disease training course

Service/Product type: Training course

Service/Product provided by: Research Administration, International Cooperation and Education Department

Detail description

Course objectives

- To provide basic knowledge of fish pathology, giving special attention to the recognition and awareness of most frequently occurrences of fish diseases in Asia

- To give an understanding of the simple practical diagnostic methods including filed investigation, sampling, sample preparation, fixation, histology, parasitology, mycology, bacteriology and virology

Course schedule

Duration: Five to six -weeks, beginning April/September

Number of participants: 10-20


- Classroom lectures: 30 hrs

- Lab practices: 2 wks

- Field trip: 5 days

- Test preparation: 2 days

- Final evaluation test: 1 day

Course Evaluation

Final test to check participants’ comprehension, impression of course organization, and suggestions for improvement of course contents

Course fee

- 3,000 - 4,000 USD/participant/course  (for lecturers, administration, domestic travel, chemical, material for practice, accommodation, meals...)

- Not including international flight

(The fee can be changed depending on each requirement)

Course contents

Section 1: Classroom lectures

Module 1. General introduction

- Definitions of diseased fish

- Fish anatomy

- Fish histology

- Fish pathology

Module 2. General fish pathology

- Parasitology

- Bacteriology

- Mycology

- Virology

- Immunology

Module 3. General fish disease ans medication

- Freshwater tropical fish diseases

- Brackish-water fish diseases

- Marine fish diseases

- Wild fish diseases 

Section 2: Basic laboratory practices

- hygienic techniques;

- clinical pathology and records;

- fish anatomy;

- parasitological observation;

- bacteriology;

- mycology;

- virology

- PCR and immunological techniques (cell cultures, ELIZA, hybridization, Western/Northern Blots, etc.)

Section 3: Field trip and study tour

- Preparation for field work: equipment/facilities, media, and references

- Field sampling and recording

- Problem interpretation

- Clinical analysis

- Sampling and fixation

- Field-trip report

- Preparation for laboratory analysis


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